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Bill True

Screenwriter and Professional Speaker


Award-winning screenwriter Bill True knows a thing or two about navigating trough the twists and turns of life, both personal and professional. Drawing on his experience as a professional screenwriter, a former healthcare executive, an actor, a husband, and a dad, Bill will help your audience envision extraordinary transformation, take the leap, and stay true to their goals. Bill's ability shine a light on the authentic potential in all of us wins over any crowd and illuminates the way for them to live into their own, best life stories. Always engaging, always entertaining!

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Bill travels from Phoenix and Los Angeles.


Bill’s debut feature, Runaway, was hailed by critics as "Brilliant" and "Hitchcockian" and premiered to universal accolades at the Tribeca and Toronto film festivals.  It went on to screen worldwide at Avignon, Woodstock, Vail, Tel Aviv, and other top festivals.  Bill also took the top prize at the prestigious Austin Film Festival for his work on Runaway, which was released in December 2009.
Hollywood production company executives have called Bill’s follow-up script, Incarnation, which is currently in development, “excellent” with “great characters and a great story.”  In addition to doing screenwriting work for both Hollywood and independent feature film projects, Bill also recently completed his latest script, Lightseekers, which has been drawing significant industry praise and interest.
Bill is also a rising star on the professional speaking circuit.  As screenwriter-in-residence for SagePresence, a consortium of filmmakers who teach professional "stage presence" for make-or-break moments, Bill brought his groundbreaking strategies for developing and delivering compelling and inspiring messages to top companies, including Symantec, Prudential, Target, and Best Buy.  He also has been the top-rated speaker at conferences and events around the country, with recent appearances for the Minnesota Association of Volunteer Administrators, the Career Management Alliance, and the Midwest Energy Association.
Bill also teaches and speaks around the country about screenwriting and breaking into the movie business.  In addition to receiving rave notices for talks in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Chicago, he has been a both a featured panelist and moderator, and favorite pitch competition jurist at the Austin Film Festival’s screenwriters conference four years running.  Further, as one of the Great American Pitchfest’s StoryLink AllStars, Bill has earned a reputation for being “the best in the business” when it comes to script pitch training and coaching.  He also recently concluded a stint as an artist-in-residence at IFP Minnesota, where he taught screenwriting and pitching.
In addition, Bill has nearly a decade of experience in Corporate America as a Project Manager, Business Director, and Director of Communications for Fortune 100 companies.  In 1996, Bill headed up the team of pioneers that facilitated the first "mega-migration" in the managed pharmacy industry, successfully consolidating data for nearly one-and-a-half million members from four different pharmacy benefit managers to a single system.

He was tapped by SmithKline Beecham in 1997 to spearhead an effort to help define the value equation and operations requirements to propagate managed pharmacy throughout Europe.  Later, Bill oversaw the division that managed pharmacy benefits for the largest segment of UnitedHealth Group's pharmacy business, managing implementation, operations, and benefits for nearly 4 million lives worldwide.

In 2000, Bill was recruited to as Director of Communications for Express Scripts, Inc.'s Site Operations Division.  In this capacity, Bill was responsible for the information flow for the company's eight call centers and six mail order pharmacies, representing 10,000 employees.

Bill was a bleeding-edge visionary with respect to integrating knowledge management principles into the corporate culture.  His work culminated in the design and implementation of proprietary web-based applications that improved information clarity, accessibility, and flow for customer service and mail order representatives, resulting in a 30% reduction in handling time for inbound customer service calls.

Bill also worked as a freelance writer, editor, and consultant.  In 2005, he was commissioned to edit the critically acclaimed memoir, A Hunt for Justice: The True Story of Woman Undercover Wildlife Agent, by Lucinda Schroeder.  His work has also yielded impressive results for top national companies such as Land 'O Lakes, Cannon Solutions, Deluxe Checks, and LifeTouch Studios.


"Incredible!  Thank you for a wonderful presentation.  I think you had the highest marks of the entire conference."
Liz Sumner, Conference Director, Career Management Alliance

I’ve received both emails and phone calls from our attendees telling how inspired they were...the entire board couldn’t say thank you enough.
Meghan McGuire, President, Women in Film & TV, MN Chapter

You have been our favorite speaker two years in a row! We can’t wait to have you at another event.
Leigh Kramarczuk, Event Coordinator, SMPS

Bill provided hands-down the best pitch training we’ve ever received...What a talent! We will bring him back without hesitation.
Aadip Desai, President, Northwet Screenwriters Guild

I especially liked Bill’s presentation. He was engaging and enlightenting!
Participant Feedback, Employment Action Center

Bill delivered a high quality development experience that delivered on its promises.
Randy Webb, HR Business Partner, PEMCO

Bil is passionate, informed, articulate, and inspiring, and what impressed me most was that he knew my business and spoke about it as though it was the primary focus in his life. I was pumped!
Eric Strodthoff, CTC, MHT Certified Therapeutic Coach


Improve Outcomes and Generate Income

Better patient care and a better bottom line without the "hard sell"

Sustaining any healthcare business or practice over the long run is dependent on your ability to talk to patients and clients about the therapies, services, and products you provide. Award-winning screenwriter, nationally recognized networking and pitch expert, and former heath care executive Bill True will teach you an easy, palatable, and replicable process for navigating through patient and client conversations that eases stress for you while ensuring the best possible care for them. Increase your confidence and comfort, and turn the way you think about sales conversations around forever. An entertaining and engaging hour that will transform your patient relationships and your bottom line!

The First Act’s a Doozy!

How one screenwriter's unlikely love affair with breast cancer made him a better man.

In April 2005, Bill’s debut feature, RUNAWAY, premiered to universal accolades at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival. During the Q&A session that followed, one audience member asked about the dedication trailing the end credits: in loving memory of Lynn R. True, 1963-2005. What few people knew before that moment was that Bill's wife of nearly 18 years passed away after a courageous nine-year battle with breast cancer a mere seven weeks prior. What even fewer people knew was just how profoundly his wife's and his family's struggle to overcome the disease--and Bill's ultimate acceptance of the lessons and gifts that struggle offered--transformed Bill and set him on a path that lead to reclaiming his most real and authentic self, and to finally achieving his life-long ambition. Join Bill as he recounts this amazing journey, and gain valuable insight on how to turn the most painful and difficult situations into opportunities to live into your personal greatness.

Our Economic Outlook: The Movie!

A look at the next 20 years from the most surprising and illuminating of perspectives.

They say art imitates life. If that's the case, asserts award-winning screenwriter and former Fortune 200 executive Bill True, then why can't art inform life back? Countless prognosticators read the economic tea leaves and try to predict what's in store for our country, our world, and ourselves for the foreseeable future. Bill sees things a little differently. He looks at history as a kind of "back story", and then applies the same structure he uses to create his screenplays to gain insight on possible "endings" over the course of the next 20 years. Hop on the ultimate movie thrill ride as Bill takes audiences through the twists and turns of our economic outlook, and does so with amazing clarity in this unique experience that is at once highly entertaining and profound. Even more, discover some startling revelations that individuals, businesses, and societies may need to make in order to thrive in the 21st Century.

Shamefree Self Promotion

How to get noticed and keep your soul at the same time.

Let's be honest. Our businesses, careers, and endeavors hinge on one simple thing: we need to be seen. We need to get noticed by our prospective clients and customers and fans, and be perceived as a unique source of value in order to simultaneously pursue our passions and put food on our tables. The problem is that most of us worry our attempts to promote ourselves, our business, and even our causes carry the risk of falling into the category of "shameless self-promotion." We're concerned they'll be viewed, in the words of successful-blog.com's Liz Strauss, as "ineffective...intrusive and unwelcome." What's even more troublesome is...well, that feels bad. And in the process, we start to doubt our ourselves and our intentions. Award-Winning screenwriter and nationally recognized networking expert turns the self promotion game on its head as he takes audiences through four proven steps to getting recognized, while building a reputation for authenticity and value all at once. A sometimes hilarious, all the time enlightening experience that will invigorate and inspire any audience.


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