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Look for The New Thrive™, a new book by Carr Hagerman, on the future of workplace and community engagement.

Carr Hagerman

Chief Creative Officer / Author / Producer / Speaker / PSP*
(*Professional Street Performer)

Innovation | Culture & Leadership | Motivation | Customer & Employee Relationships


About Carr


Carr partnered with Dr Stephen Lundin (Fish!) to write Top Performer: A Bold Approach To Sales and Service. It's the story of a burned out sales rep who discovers new energy and a fresh approach to his work from the street performers of London and Ireland.


With over 35 years experience as an actor and street performer, Carr's presentations have been described as mix of storytelling, useful applications and boldly humorous anecdotes.

Carr brings over 15 years of global speaking experiences with him. Simply put, he is one of the best.


Carr is, first and foremost, a performer. He grew up in professional theater household. He's worked with over 1000 performers, toured nationally, performed in theaters, parks, malls, festivals and fairs, for over nearly a million people.

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Carr travels from Minnesota.


The Take-Away: Plan Less –Succeed More

In this exciting keynote presentation or training program, Carr eschews the traditional approach in favor of a surprising new way of presenting. Using limited or no projection screens or Powerpoint, he steps on stage and strings a length of rope behind him where he uses old clothes pins and paper signs to present his provocative and enlightened message: We have more than enough to do remarkable things with what we already have.

This high touch and refreshing presentation inspires participants to embrace their own unique approach in the world and to identify all of the things that get in the way of connection and engagement. Whether that is technology, processes, leadership speak, or the just the next flavor of the month training program, this program demonstrates that we can plan less and succeed more.

  • Find those things that get in the way, and get them out of the way •   
  • Identify 10 everyday actions that can destroy our energy and enthusiasm
  • Practice a new workplace mindfulness that can unleash your energy
  • Cultivate a dynamic new imagination and creativity
  • Learn the art of full participation, no matter where you are or what you’re doing
  • See how play and mindfulness can lead to remarkable new ways of  working and living

This is a one of a kind program that will have your team talking and acting in new and refreshing ways. 

About this program, a leadership client said “Ive seen every kind of presentation imaginable in over 20 years of leadership, and this is without question the most refreshing, provocative and hopeful program Ive encountered in years

Top Performer: A Bold Approach To Sales And Service

Workplace and service engagement is more important than ever before.  As Gallup’s research has shown, engaged employees are critical to success and yet, most employees continue to be actively disengaged in their work.

In this provocative and informative presentation, Carr distills lessons from his 30 years of being a professional street performer where engagement and collaboration with the customer is a competitive way of life. 

In this 60 to 120 fun filled and energetic presentation Carr offers simple and practical ideas that are instantly useable with stories that are unforgettable.

  • How to claim and create memorable customer interactions
  • How to simple questions lead to practical connections
  • How to use mistakes, objections and other “hecklers” as power for a great performance
  • How to see the world around you as inspiration in serving and selling
  • How to rewrite and redesign your approach to make you one of a kind

Based on the best selling book (Hyperion) Top Performer, which has been translated into 10 different languages.

Sell It Like A Street Performer

For centuries itinerant street performers have been performing in the streets, lanes and parks often working against a backdrop of distraction and disruption.  In order to survive and thrive performers have learned the art of personal engagement, cutting through the clutter and confusion to create memorable moments infused with natural energy.

In this unique and one-of-a-kind program, participants will learn how to invite new levels of engagement with their clients, whether they’re on a retail sales floor or in the hunt for larger contracts, this program pushes participants to challenge their assumptions and turn outward for an entirely new approach.

In this 1 to 2 hour training session, Carr partners with Mick Lunzer, a world champion juggler and performer and who together will change and challenge old school approaches.

  • How to own the space for presentations or partnerships
  • How to find the “Juice” inside objections and break downs
  • How to make your “Pitch” into a memorable performance
  • How to create energy and connection from the very first conversation
  • How to stand out from any competitor


"Carr did a fabulous job opening our annual meeting this year.  Not only did he get our group energized right off the bat, he had them talking about his presentation all day.  Our members tend to be highly critical as they’ve heard their share of speakers and he hit it right on.  Carr had them thinking outside of the box, laughing and devising plans on how to bring these ideas back to their own offices.  Our members only had high comments for Carr and therefore, I couldn’t have asked for a better opening keynote.  He’s very professional, easy to work with and he engages audiences like no other!"

~Sarah Ruzek, Director of Education, Midwest Society of Association Executives

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