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Communication is a bridge.
When it works, things run smoothly. When it’s broken, productivity suffers.
David can help with that.

David Mann

Speaker | Humorist | Trainer

www.davidcmann.com| Download a pdf with more information.

Based in Minneapolis, MN.

Expect This

Participants will enjoy an informative, engaging
presentation that leaves them with practical tools. They’ll be inspired by David’s passion and relaxed by his humor.

Meeting planners will appreciate David’s professional
polish and helpful flexibility. He’s directed dozens of shows and know just what you need for a successful event.

Keynote Presentations

Engaging Clients and Staff

David will give you useful new ways to increase sales, engage associates, strengthen leadership collaboration, and much more. With his characteristic humor he’ll illuminate the secrets of presenting complex material with the ease of a conversation and how to use voice and body to get twice the results from half the words. He’ll motivate you to bridge technical comprehension gaps by using images, and show you how to use your own stories as a powerful tool.


  1. Using voice and body to get twice the result from half the words
  2. Learning how sincerity can be practiced yet spontaneous
  3. Analyzing the key ingredients to a good story, and how to tell it effectively
  4. Identifying the two primary communication styles and how to use yours
  5. How to translate technical jargon into plain language

Personalizing the Brand

David motivates the audience to be ambassadors of their company by identifying the company’s key branding messages and transforming them into spoken language,  He’ll inspire attendees to make a personal connection to the company’s identity that can be communicated simply. He works with the group to find the personal stories that capture the essence of the company’s identity and to keep the stories powerful every time they’re told. David goes far beyond the “elevator pitch,” giving attendees tools to become living brand representatives, broadening the marketing reach with depth and personality.


  1. Personalizing core values and company identity
  2. Creating spoken brand wording that is succinct, colorful, and memorable
  3. Developing and practicing a personalized elevator pitch that captures the company’s message in each person’s own words
  4. Motivating attendees to carry the company message forward with passion and investment
  5. How to use voice and body effectively to communicate more than words

Adapting to Change

David shows how to relish change rather than resist it. He’ll motivate the audience to see beyond their limitations, break personal boundaries, and engage more fully in their work. He’ll inspire attendees to adapt to a changing work environment. Having built a career in the arts and business over 25 years, David uses his own life as an example of continual career imagination. By using David’s 10-point list, audiences will find their “genius” aptitude and use it to make the company stronger.


  1. How to “find your genius,” or hidden aptitudes
  2. Saying Yes and the power of positive reinforcement
  3. Seeing limitations as possibilities
  4. How to play your role at work rather than just showing up
  5. Re-imagining yourself in new applications of old skills

Finding Your Authentic Voice

Using examples from pop culture and history, David shares useful methods for presenting ideas with maximum impact at the office and in life. He’ll show you how to take a routine presentation and give it a powerful point of view and how you can operate from a place of personal power rather than dutiful obligation. Especially applicable to leadership, financial and technical staff, and sales teams, this presentation shows how you can speak from the gut and work from passion.


  1. How to use passion as a tool to organize presentations of all types
  2. Using insight, point of view, clear language, and emotional connection to project authenticity
  3. Creating active objectives that increase persuasiveness
  4. How to construct and deliver a personal story that illuminates a larger idea
  5. Learning how sincerity can be practiced yet spontaneous

About David

Engaging an audience with an idea is David’s lifetime passion. He has spoken at General Mills, Mayo Health System, Boston Scientific, Merrill Lynch, The Hartford, and many other companies. He is on the faculty of the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, teaching persuasive technique through storytelling to attorneys and law students nationwide. David has also performed or directed plays at the Guthrie Theater and Children's Theatre Company, and was awarded a Bush Artist Fellowship for Storytelling.

Several years ago, on the set of a Hartford Life training video in which he was playing a sales agent, David was asked if he could use theater technique to train real-life agents to project sincerity, passion, and clarity. His answer was yes. Since that day he has found limitless application for his theater expertise, from sales personnel through management and senior executive visioning.


David took the time to get to know our group so he could tailor his talk to relate to them. He was motivating, upbeat, funny and all around the best presenter we’ve had in a long time.
Kim Fette, Boston Scientific

David Mann is a wonder. He has a keen, felicitous eye for finding the precise and telling detail that draws his audiences into a story.             Pioneer Press

David Mann was great at facilitating a learning session where my Leadership team walked away with real tools, as well as great illustrations on how to communicate more effectively within our team and the teams they manage. David’s acting ability was truly appreciated and it definitely made for easier learning within the group.
Mike Corbin, General Mills

David‘s innate ability to tell a story and make it relate to every single person in the audience is simply stunning. One of the most powerful presentations I have ever attended.
Kristin Ford, ASTD-TCC

David was so enthusiastic about working as a presenter for our event right from the start - which put me, as the event manager, at ease. I could feel his professionalism through the phone line and felt he would deliver what he was telling me. He did and more. His presentation was spot-on for our particular audience which resulted in a completely successful event for us.    
Kim Hansen, Mayo Health System

David Mann's lively, provocative and entertaining presentation during our agency's corporate retreat was terrific....He invigorated our staff to think not just as business people, but as communicators and artists. Bravo!!
Paul Maccabee Maccabee Group Public Relations

We engaged David to merge acting principles with sales techniques and deliver the result in training workshops to our sales agents across the country. The reception from our field force was incredible and David's efforts were one of the reasons our division achieved a 30% sales increase.
Don Gillette, The Hartford

In the week since David Mann came in and worked with our callers, we have seen a 40% increase in results on a per contact basis. I calculate that we have paid for the class 12 times over, just in the first week! Same list, same callers -- just an amazing difference now that they have a few extra tools in their belt.
Greg Bonine-Giles, Guthrie Theater Development

David Mann seminars are by far the best sales training I've ever received. This is the only training available that teaches specifics on how to say it, how not to say it, and how to say it without saying anything at all. All the clever things I've have learned from other training classes over the years are worthless without knowing how to communicate and build trust.
Brian Essex The Hartford

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