Speakers: DeAnna Murphy

  • People Acuity – The One Thing that Changes Everything in a Human Economy
  • Confident Vulnerability:  From Weak to Peak Performance
  • There is No “I” in Team, but there is in Team Connection
  • Work Joy:  The Most wanted Work Skill of Our Day
  • Partnership:  Creating Powerful Partnerships


DeAnna Murphy

Winning in the:
Human Economy | Culture Revolution | Work Joy | Confident | Vulnerability in Leadership

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About People Acuity

People Acuity raises People Culture up to the new Human Economy standards, effectively aligning it with strategy and execution, to achieve optimal business results and relationships. 

The Human Economy has arrived, and with it an upgraded demand for leaders to “clearly see and optimize people,” to operate with high People Acuity – so as to ensure that their business wins in the new economy where “4 in 10 companies are predicted to fail in the next decade” (J.P. Morgan). The need for People Acuity is further evidenced today by the fact that 83% of all organizations experience moderate or high levels of toxicity with a cascade effect that spreads from leaders to managers, and from managers to employees. In fact, in high-blame organizations, fully 34% of total employee salary – or approximately $7.35 million annually in organizations with more than a thousand employees – is lost as a result of dysfunction and dissatisfaction.

People Acuity empowers their clients to create revolutionary, self-sustaining systems for assessing, building, developing, and embedding positive people cultures. Their proprietary assessments move you past outdated, transactional engagement measures (largely arbitrary, ineffective in terms of
development and alignment, and easily abused when tied to incentives or salary increases) generating individualized metrics around Proactivity, Work Joy, Confident Vulnerability, and Team Connection and producing meaningful insights into bottom-line concerns like absenteeism, turnover, and underperformance.

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About DeAnna

DeAnna Murphy, M.S., is the CEO of People Acuity and an organizational psychologist. She is a 25-year leadership development veteran, a Top 100 Global Coaching Leader and the lead author of the People Acuity books. Known as a dynamic and engaging speaker, coach and thought leader, DeAnna’s work has reached over 50,000 people in just the last five years. She is hailed as a life-changing and transformational leader.

DeAnna leads the People Acuity groundswell that has been sweeping the globe and bridging the way into the new Human Economy. Her out-of- the-box thinking has prompted thousands of people to reconsider their approach to work and life, and to adopt Strengths Strategies that accelerate growth and deepen relationships that are so necessary to success in a new economy where a people-orientation is no longer optional.

DeAnna’s uncanny ability to see the greatness in every person draws out even the most reluctant learners as she engages them in her very typical innovative and experiential speaking style. She delivers inspiring and actionable keynotes to drive meaningful outcomes, whether she is on a stage in Abu Dhabi, Manila, or Salt Lake City. DeAnna is known for bringing the perfect balance between energizing and practical, entertaining and result- focused, fun and impactful. Audiences everywhere have experienced exhilarating transformation with DeAnna.

DeAnna Murphy is both a thought leader and a motivational speaker who has delighted audiences in thirty-two countries and some of the world’s most successful companies.  She is a Top 100 Global Coaching Leader with twenty-five years as an organizational development consultant, researcher of human behavior, and top-rated speaker. DeAnna consistently delivers innovative ideas that rivet audiences and ignite them toward action.

Using real-time, customized data, blended with powerful personal stories, she awakens people to their own unique characteristics and challenges. Audiences have the opportunity to personally experience the People Acuity Index, the first validated People Acuity measure available, and discover their own levels of Work Joy, Confident Vulnerability, Proactivity, and Team Connection – the four key People Acuity Indicators – in connection with her riveting presentations.

Speaking Topics

Shift Engagement at Work and Home: 3 Surprising Secrets


The Power of Confident Vulnerability™: Shift Up! to Peak Performance

  • Be more of who you are and more comfortable with who you’re not as you discover your Confident Vulnerability score and how to increase it
  • Replace judgmental thinking with unconditional curiosity
  • Flip your performance from weak to peak

Shift Up! Engagement: Igniting Work Joy

  • Discover why employee engagement initiatives fail and how to you can be sure your engagement does NOT fail
  • Increase Millennial engagement through three Work Joy non-negotiables
  • Evaluate how much you enroll your own heart and mind at work by examining your own Work Joy score – see how to get more!

PartnerShift: Creating Powerful Partnerships and Teams

  • Identify the three most important agreements of lasting partnerships and teams
  • Know your Team Connection score – and how to dial up your ability to experience authentic, powerful relationships at home and work
  • Discover the number one destroyer of effective team and partnership experiences, and how to proactively mitigate it.

Leadership in the Human Economy

The world of business is changing as a new economic era has dawned, the Human Economy.  Businesses that have pivoted to fully enroll the hearts and minds of their people are those that are winning – and will continue to.  These are the turbo-charged companies, operating in the top performance tier, and producing unheard of outcomes. Your company could be one of them!

To help position you for this possibility, you will have the chance to explore answers to these thought-provoking questions:

  • What sets top-tier companies apart from others in today’s new economy?
  • Looking toward future excellence in your company, what disruption is needed?
  • What might you need to say “yes” to – and what would you need to say “no” to for the sake of increased organizational excellence?

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