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Jack Stahlmann

Don’t Flinch: The 6.5 Lessons a Starving Actor
Can Teach Your Organization

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Communication | Personal Brand | Change | Failure | Stress Management | Motivation | The “Intangible It”

In Los Angeles Jack Stahlmann succeeded in acting, producing… and waiting tables.

Along the way he learned six-and-a-half valuable lessons that translate to success in any walk of life. As a Screen Actors Guild member and an established film producer, Stahlmann spins funny and charming stories about his failed auditions, hoodwinking Arnold Schwarzenegger and he describes the "intangible it" that creates a movie star.

In his customized keynote presentations and breakout sessions Stahlmann teaches what he learned the hard way in Hollywood and how those lessons can be applied to your organization, ensuring that your team has real world takeaways to use well after the speech is over.

Don't Flinch Guy

Jack Stahlmann hosting Twin Cities Live


As a professional speaker Jack Stahlmann has inspired & educated hundreds of organizations.

By providing a malleable message that can be customized for any organization, Stahlmann has presented everywhere from backrooms at small companies to the penthouse of Fortune 500 offices. Stahlmann's entertaining and informative presentations are built around his experiences in Los Angeles as an actor, producer and director.

In 2002, he launched his own production company which created several films that enjoyed international success. The Fifteen Minute Show, an extremely low budget feature film that was produced for less than $1,000, was the darling of the 2003 New York International Film and Video Festival. In 2004, he launched his most successful project, The Lift, which was featured in five film festivals worldwide. Freelancing in the directorial ranks, he was instrumental in creating the Margaret Cho stand-up show, Cho Revolution, working as the Second Assistant Director.

As an actor his shining moment came in a co-star role on the CBS drama Cold Case where he played a wimpy park ranger. He also appeared on Days of Our Lives and several regional commercials. Jack currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Jack’s topics are fully customizable.  He can address all 6.5 lessons, focus in on a single topic, or combine several topics to specifically address the needs of your group. This personalization ensures that the message you want to emphasize gets delivered in a clear and fun way, maximizing the impact of your event.


The one constant in life is change and the life of an actor is no exception. In this session Jack analyzes the evolution of great actors and makes relevant, real-world business analogies that will help advance your organization forward in the ever-changing business environment.

Workplace Communication

"All the world's a stage" and this session proves the point. Taking a cue from his acting days, Jack uses the rules of improv to improve co-worker camaraderie. This session is sure to bring laughter and fun, but more importantly it will develop positive interaction skills in the workplace.

Stress Management

Jack's unorthodox stress presentation is arguably the most entertaining presentation in his lineup. The session examines the root cause of stress and the simple things you can do to not just find a quick fix, but relieve stress long-term.

Personal Brand

Every successful actor knows what he is and builds a marketing strategy around that brand. Jack takes you through his humorous and humbling journey when he realized that he wasn't the next George Clooney. The good news is that everyone has their own unique personal brand and Jack shows your group how to discover that niche and brand it.


There are often hundreds of submissions for a single acting role in Hollywood and this makes Jack a self-proclaimed expert when it comes to failure. In this session Jack comically reminisces about his professional flops and encourages audiences to embrace smart failures that can lead to major successes.

Sustained Inspiration

Jack is careful to never call himself a motivational speaker as it evokes visions of comedy legend Chris Farley "living in a van down by the river." How many times have you seen a motivational speaker and the impact of the message was lost in 24 hours? Instead of giving your audience a few feel good moments, Jack demonstrates how you can sustain your own inspiration for the long haul in any walk of life.

The "Intangible It"

Every movie star has an intangible quality that you can't quite put your finger on… or can you? In this session Jack breaks down what makes certain actors A-list superstars and shares how you can go from a bit player to a superstar in your organization.


Jack’s message was perfect!
~ Richard Davis, CEO US Bank

We enjoyed Mr. Stahlmann’s presentation immensely - his message could not have been more perfect for our audience! I have received nothing but glowing feedback.
~ Karen Leddy, Enterprise

We highly recommend Jack’s services to anyone in search of a speaker. He was very dedicated and interested in our organization during pre-conference meetings and received great feedback from attendees in post-conference reviews. Overall, Jack has what it takes to create and deliver a presentation that is engaging, educational and most importantly FUN!
~ Claire Cloyd, Communications Specialist, City of St. Paul Parks & Recreation

Excellent! Jack is wonderful--in my opinion the best speaker we’ve ever had.
~ Debra Parsons, Communications Manager, BAE Systems Minneapolis, BAE Systems

My branch coordinators were arguing over who was going to get him first to come to their branch and speak.
~ Donna Rickard, YMCA

Everyone truly enjoyed hearing Jack. Even though the average age of our workforce is much older they really took interest. I found him motivational and inspiring. We were very pleased and I would recommend him.
~ Deb Benson, Senior Human Resources Representative, Waterous Company

Professional communicators are a dime a dozen; Jack Stahlmann is a rare egg worth well more than the other dozen. He’s got the intangible “it” factor.
~ Andy Hokenson, Sr. Specialist in Internal Communications, Best Buy

Jack brings a unique blend of education and humor. Hearing him speak is time well spent for any organization.
~ Scott Cummings, Minneapolis Local Market Program Director, Accenture

Jack did a great job! He connects to the audience very well, gets the group laughing, engaged and inspired! I would highly recommend Jack to any organization and would certainly bring him back to Capella!
~ Nichole Scott, Senior HR Generalist, Capella

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