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Hitting Our Stride

Are you ready to have it all? The truth is women can do it and have it all – it’s not a myth. Women have more opportunities than ever before in the workplace, at home and beyond.

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Karel Murray

Women’s Groups | Business Expert | Change Management
Communication | Culture & Leadership


Karel Murray, CSP, is a nationally recognized and respected humorous voice of business professionals whose personal goal is to create a legacy of common sense in the workplace and professional insight for audiences worldwide by connecting career minded individuals through laughter and high level content.

Karel helps you get focused on ways to effectively resolve interpersonal issues which in turn will invigorate and motivate you to grow professionally into a master of relational collaboration.

Karel travels from Iowa.


Karel brings meaning to mayhem with her nothing but the truth approach to business and life. An accomplished author and humorist, Karel has made radio and television appearances and she enjoys local, regional, and national publication of her articles. In addition to Hitting Our Stride: Women, Work and What Matters, she is the author of Straight Talk: Getting Off the Curb. Karel is a featured author in Extreme Excellence: Dynamic Interviews with America’s Top 10 Performance Experts, and publishes a monthly newsletter—Think Forward!® read by thousands of subscribers. She is the author of the CPR for Managers Series and has created a weekly podcast series where she interviews industry experts on various topics: www.JustForAMomentPodcast.com.

Karel holds a BA in Human Resources and has earned numerous designations and certifications, including the prestigious National Speakers Association CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) and the Real Estate Educators Association DREI (Distinguished Real Estate Instructor). Her resume includes experience as a human resources regional executive of a large commercial insurance firm, as an award-winning sales person, as a manager of a top producing real estate office, and now as owner of Our Branch, Inc., a national and international speaking and training company.

She has received several awards for her community service, including the Blue Springs Missouri Chamber of Commerce Award, and once taught a pig named Nelson to jump rope . . . but that’s another story.

She is a member of the National Speakers Association and a Board Director for the Minnesota NSA Chapter, Meeting Professionals International and has served as a Board of Director member and officer for the National Real Estate Educators Association. As a professional keynote speaker, Karel has had the pleasure of connecting with hundreds of audiences throughout the US and abroad.

When not on the road, Karel can be found in Waterloo, Iowa, with her ever wonderfully patient husband Rick and their attentive brood of four—at last head count—cats and dogs.

Personal Message from Karel Murray

Past stereotypes from the Baby Boomer generation don’t exist anymore, but the Baby Boomer generation may not recognize it yet. We are just beginning to embrace concepts that keep us young of heart and provide a different perspective. Maybe, just maybe, women don’t have to fight so hard. Our world has evolved, parameters have changed, and the work environment offers unlimited possibilities.

With this shift, as women, both physically and mentally, we are now just hitting our stride. We’re coming into our own, realizing our power, and understanding all that we have to give to each other and to the up-and-coming females who want to follow in our intrepid footsteps.

That’s what my speaking and writing career is all about. I gather the wisdom of many fellow women, finding out what they think about, where they have been, and offer shared advice to those who hear me speak. Together we create an opportunity for each of us to clarify our vision for the next phase of our life and to reach our individual milestones.

I specialize in general session motivational keynotes with follow up breakout sessions that reinforce the original message. My programs specifically target creating a cohesive ethical business culture, and building communication leadership managerial skills.

Through storytelling I hope to help explain the depth and impact of our experiences and to provide the audience members the opportunity of a glimpse into their possible future. It is by sharing our collective wisdom that we build a purposeful life with grace, fortitude, and tenacity.

We are responsible for the direction our lives take and how we address the obstacles blocking our path. What is stunningly true is that being women, we share not just a biological reality, but common experiences of frustration, stress, confusion, joy and profound love.

The force of shared wisdom and collaboration is unbeatable when combined with a commitment to gather up our collective skirts and dare to live joyously.

Let’s work together to enhance our conversation. If we take the time to tap into our collective experiences, wisdom ensues.

Karel’s Keynote Programs Include:

Hitting Your Stride: Women, Work and What Matters
This highly interactive session based on Karel’s book, Hitting Our Stride, gives you insight into your self-talk and shows you how living in the past keeps you from moving toward future success.

Straight Talk: Getting off the Curb
What life lessons can you learn from a big ballerina, a Fabio fantasy gone awry, and a masseuse armed with hot rocks? Find out with Straight Talk, Karel’s most requested keynote, based on her book Straight Talk. Her stories will captivate you and give you a boost!

Get a Grip! Finding Your Balance Without Losing It
Identify the internal and external influences that create chaos and stress in your life, while learning the real-life solutions for finding balance, stress survival and time management.

Break Out Session Include:

  • All the Squirrels Aren’t in the Trees! How Personal Styles Interact
  • Character Counts . . . Doesn’t It?
  • Doughnuts on Fridays Aren’t Enough: How Good Bosses Become Great Managers
  • It’s About Leadership: What’s Your Style?
  • Motivation through Management: Are You Pro-Active or Reactive?
  • There’s No Such Thing as a One Person Tango: The Art of Effective Communication
  • When Interests Collide! Say What You Mean, Get What You Want


“Karel is one of the most engaging and energizing speakers I’ve seen. She is brilliant at using humor to convey her messages. She has the ability to make everyone in the room feel like she is talking to THEM!”
Rosalyn Lorenz, President, Cedar Falls Business &
Professional Women

“Karel was superb. Through her anecdotes, she encouraged each of us to take control of our own attitudes and make the best of whatever situations, however adverse, we experience in our lives.”
Luella Feldman, Des Moines Water Works

“Karel created the fire at our convention! Karel exudes so
much positive energy that you can’t help but want to be
a part of it! Karel made everyone feel instantly comfortable and with her incredible sense of humor made
everyone anticipate and wonder what could possibly be next!”
Pamela Sheehan, Illinois CRS Chapter

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