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Speakers: Laura Goodrich

Laura Goodrich

SKYPE: laura.goodrich | All other contact info here: http://about.me/laurajgoodrich

International Keynote Speaker | Video Producer
| Author

Travels from Minnesota.

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Laura Goodrich

www.SeeingRedCarsBook.com | www.onimpactproductions.com

Global Workforce Transformation, Paving the trail to the future.

Pioneer of an Online Learning Experience that leverages filmmaking sensibilities, stories, coaching and learning touchpoints spaced over time that creates real change.

Laura’s signature work is Seeing Red Cars, a Mindset for Change

“You get more of whatever it is that you focus on."

Say you buy a red car and drive it off the lot, what do you notice? More red cars. You notice more red cars because that is what you are focused on. So if you have awareness of what you are focusing on, you get more of it. This isn’t another positive attitude program. It is a process which creates awareness of our unconscious focus of fear and what we are trying to avoid and then establishes the mindset on positive outcomes, innovation and change.

Seeing Red Cars has lead to an Online Learning Experience and Laura is a Pioneer in this process that leverages filmmaking sensibilities, stories, coaching and learning touchpoints spaced over time that creates real change.

Laura Speech Demo. from On Impact Productions on Vimeo.

Speaking and Seminar Topics

A Mindset for Change: Seeing Red Cars

Based on the content of her award-winning video and book, Seeing Red Cars, Laura delves into the underlining forces that get in the way of creating change in the workplace. Throughout her presentation, participants learn how to rewire their brain by focusing on their wants rather than what they would like to avoid. Laura describes how to create triggers that enable participants to create thoughts, actions, and behaviors that align with future goals, creating an environment for change. Laura captures participant’s attention with stories that create a new way of thinking, while incorporating theatrical elements that allow her to truly interact with the audience.

Are You Relevant?

Within the next decade, eight of ten people working now will be irrelevant. The global workforce is changing drastically. Few industries and individuals will be exempt. You can’t avoid it, and it’s fatal to ignore it.

But fear is no way to address change. You have to find the positive outcome.

That’s why Laura Goodrich is so refreshing…and effective. Her message is startling and difficult to hear but her approach is compelling, hopeful and inspirational at the same time. While many speakers strike fear into audiences about problems impacting the changing business landscape, Laura offers real-world solutions with positive impact…in a refreshing and inspiring way.

Workplace Dynamics, Change, and the Future of Work

“Business as usual" is a thing of the past. As marketplaces change faster than ever, successful organizations will be those that are able to leverage their strengths and better understand their markets. Drawing on more than fifteen years of coaching, including experience advising companies undergoing significant change, Laura highlights the importance of “supporters” in this process, as well as the need for leaders to understand how to motivate and engage their teams in this new norm. Participants will learn ways to remain relevant and ready to capitalize on opportunities in environments of dynamic change.

Driving it Home - A Participatory Culture Solution

You have a strategic priority and its success is critical.  The trouble is, day to day responsibilities consume your people’s time and create an unclear picture about where your organization is going and why it is so important. You need to bring your vision and priorities to life and help your employees contribute to its success. Laura points out what obstacles are getting in the way and what actions it will take to create a sightline to your strategic priorities and vision. You’ll learn the power of storytelling, workforce collaboration, peer to peer influence, spacing learning over time and observe how technology can help you do this.


Tracy Rinauro District Attorney Orange County California

Patrice Rakhshani Strategist - Founder Irvine Newport Tustin Networkers

Max Ellzey Professsor Pepperdine University

Sylvia Lim
HR, Deutsche Bank

Rita Haque
HR, Club 21, Singapore

Laura is a very dynamic speaker who captures her audience and holds them in the palm of her hand until her presentation is over! She delivers a high- impact presentation with outstanding, thought-provoking content that will engage and challenge her audience to question the way they are currently doing business. I have attended many Leadership conferences, and Laura belongs in the company of Tom Peters, Patrick Lencioni, and Marshall Goldsmith."
~ Kristy Roberts, Senior Executive Medtronic, Inc

“Your talk was amazing. I have never really seen you 'live' like that and I must say - you blew my mind.  So powerful, so relevant. What you say and how you say it crosses corporate boundaries and applies so critically to everyday life.  Everyone in the world needs to hear your talk! One of my 'I wants':  I want to bring the Spirit of Laura Goodrich into my work.  Congratulations on a life-changing presentation."
~ Vikas Narula, Keyhubs  

" Laura has keen insight and is able to quickly see the big picture and understand our business and workplace dynamics. Her International client base, which includes executives from Europe, Asia, South America and North America, provides insight into the global marketplace as well. Her passion to have a powerful impact is obvious and her skill at helping executives turn challenging workplace dynamics and relationships in a positive direction is invaluable."
~ Lisa Jansa, CEO, Exsulin Corporation

About Laura

Laura Goodrich, a leader in Global Workforce Transformation, has over twenty-five years of professional experience. During the last eighteen years she has served as an innovator, speaker, coach, and advisor to leaders worldwide on the future of work.

Goodrich believes that, amidst a miserable economic downturn and period of unprecedented change in the marketplace, it is vital for leaders to take the wheel and rethink their futures. Goodrich helps people get in the driver’s seat and steer towards opportunities, becoming “ambassadors” for change in their lives and workplace. Her goal is to help a million people become ambassadors and pave the trail to a viable and relevant future.

For the past ten years she has hosted local, regional, and national television shows. She presents at a number of national and international events. Her strong onscreen presence and ability to motivate and inspire audiences has catapulted her to the top of her field. In 2007 Goodrich was named as one of the top ten international executive coaches by Blanchard and Company, one of the world’s largest training and coaching organizations.

Goodrich is also the award winning author and producer of the book and film “Seeing Red Cars: Driving Yourself, Your Team and Your Organization to a Positive Future.” Described as ‘transformational, relevant and timely,’ Seeing Red Cars was chosen by the Wall Street Journal and LiveMint as a “Top Five Leadership Book” for 2011. Forbes Magazine declared Seeing Red Cars as a “must read” for leaders seeking to create positive change and the book earned an honorable mention in the business category of the San Francisco Book Festival. Goodrich has also developed and produced the Seeing Red Cars Advanced Online Experience, which leverages coaching, storytelling, peer-to-peer learning, and influence to provide a cutting-edge online experience that helps people, teams, and organizations create real change.

Goodrich holds a degree and advanced study in Training and Organizational Development from the University of Minnesota. Goodrich has received coach training from both Corporate Coach University and the Coaches Training Institute and is a practice leader in Global Workforce Change and Innovation with the Executive Next Practices Institute. She is a member of the World Future Society (WFS), and the Global Speakers Federation (GSF), and the National Speakers Association (NSA).

More Videos:

What's in your workplace? from On Impact Productions on Vimeo.

Shifting Years Speech. from On Impact Productions on Vimeo.

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