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Mike travels from Florida.

Mike Foley


Handling difficult people: let’s start with you!

Self-reflective keynotes and training for leaders and teams to help them express their skills and talents to their full potential.

Michael Foley knows how to tell a story. Whether reassuring novice adventurers during his tenure as an Outward Bound instructor or helping executives pack punch into a presentation, Mike's stories and humor have been at the core of his success as a trainer, consultant and keynote speaker. His "zero fluff" approach is highly engaging for even the toughest audiences. He's not afraid to address the elephant in the room.

These aren’t your typical ‘rah rah’ sessions. Participants can expect to:

  • Be inspired, ready to step up and express their skills and talents to their full potential.
  • Have a very productive session and feel like their time was well spent.
  • Take away a much clearer picture of where they want to go in life.
  • Learn powerful tools to help them manage the inevitable roadblocks, fear and resistance encountered along the way.
  • Have fun!

In addition, meeting planners can expect:

  • A polished, professional presenter.
  • A happy audience.
  • Leaders who are delighted with real results and believe contracting Michael Foley as a speaker/facilitator was a great investment.

“The serendipitous adventure you find yourself on may be tough at times, but by God you know you’re alive!” ~Joseph Campbell


Prior to founding Clarity Central, Michael excelled as a major account manager for General Electric and Ameritech. He knows firsthand what it takes to differentiate one’s self in the marketplace. As a result, Mike has developed talks and courses that are hard hitting, applicable and powerful. His “zero fluff” approach to education is highly engaging for even the toughest of audiences.

An avid sailor, Michael expanded Clarity Central to offer life/career renewal expeditions and coaching sessions on the water. “There’s something about being on the water that invites a different perspective and clarity that can’t
be found in a conference room,” he observes. He often draws on these experiences to craft a message that will both entertain and inspire his audiences. Michael is a member of the National Speakers Association, has an MA in Human Development, post-graduate certifi cates in coaching, and a USCG captain’s license.


Popular Keynotes

These highly popular keynote presentations are also available as 1-day training sessions. Please inquire about available options.

Humor/Personal Development

Losing the Junk in your Trunk – The Art of Living!

We are each like a slab of granite with a Michelangelo sculpture hidden underneath. The secret is to understand that we need not go out in search of more granite to find fulfi llment. All we really need to do is simply chisel away at everything that is not part of the sculpture. Ancient eastern wisdom called this process “neti, neti” or “not this, not this.”

Who would you be if you stopped worrying about tomorrow and focused on today? Who would you be if you accepted yourself just as you are? You may just burst out laughing! In this very humorous talk, Michael will discuss the everyday, practical aspects of living simply and letting go what is
not needed.

  • Start enjoying every day no matter what – rain, bad hair, cranky customer – life is too short not to!
  • Reduce your demands and expectations to live more harmoniously with the “reality” of each moment.
  • Reconnect with the things that bring you joy and peace.
  • Learn to not take yourself so seriously and laugh at the absurdity of life.


Transcending Life as a Duck – Soar High and Far!

The philosophers remind us to, “Become a light unto ourselves.” We can stay huddling on the duck pond or, like an eaglet, listen to our intuition, step to the edge of all that is comfortable and familiar, spread our wings, and jump. Life will never forsake that kind of courage. NO ONE on this planet will ever be able to express your unique skills and talents better than YOU. The world is waiting for YOU. The time is now.

“One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.” - Andre Gide

This type of leadership is not for the faint of heart. In this dynamic and inspiring talk, Michael will discuss how we can each move in the direction of our greatest desires and dreams.

  • Lead by being open, honest and candid.
  • Listen to your intuition and pursue that which sparks your imagination and passion.
  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs and resistance.
  • Serve with generosity and align yourself with a cause greater than yourself.


Cliffjumper – Lessons on the Way Down!

In this very engaging and humorous talk, Michael will discuss the keys to differentiating one’s self in the marketplace: be credible, accountable, mindful, and do more than expected. The number one obstacle to achieving all that you desire in work and life is…YOU!

The good news is YOU also hold the keys to your success. So the question is, “What are you willing to do about it?” For those that want to soar high and far, they must realize that this does not happen by accident, but rather, through deliberate and intelligent effort. In this very useful session you will learn to:

  • Take complete responsibility for your life and career.
  • Tap into your passion, creativity, and unique talents.
  • Embrace all challenging situations, circumstances, and people as an ongoing professional practice.
  • Maximize your productivity by working with a clear and focused mind.

Michael’s Approach to the Audience:

  • Get them engaged and interested in learning something new.
  • Push them out of their comfort zone to get their undivided attention and focus.
  • Challenge them to think and go beyond their current level of understanding and competence!
  • Encourage them to interact and practice new skills with each other.
  • Have fun and laugh throughout the entire session.
  • Leave inspired with an action plan to continue to grow, practice and achieve new heights.


Our employees have really responded to the practical, yet high-level techniques taught in Michael’s sessions.
Randy Krug, Hormal Foods Corporation

The results were amazing...fun, engaging and extremely hands-on. One of the best investments I’ve made on behalf of our company!
Andrea Mallen, MoneyGram International

I’ve got 21 years of experience and this is the best session I’ve ever been to.
Tom Jones, General Electric

Most useful and worthwhile training sessions I can ever recall attending in my 20+ years and is now a “must” for my team going forward!
Leif Nygaard, Wells Fargo

Michael’s training are our highest rated...our team members immediately put the skills to use in their everyday work situations.
Marie Doran, Jennie-O Turkey Store

Michael’s energetic style brought out our creativity in unique and exciting ways...helped us recapture our passion and vision!
Linda Anderson, State of Minnesota Human Services

Mr. Foley humorously gets under your skin...I would not have another international conference without inviting this gentleman...standing room only is customary.
Justin O’Brien, Ph.D., Institute of Himalayan Tradition

Skill Building Programs

Communication Skills

Speaking on the Spot® - The Art of Persuasion! (1-hour talk or 1-day workshop)

Click here to watch a video.

It is impossible to lead if no one is listening! The key challenge in the 21st Century is to simply be heard. The amount of information that employees must respond to each day is practically overwhelming and has ubsequently become a major obstacle to success and productivity. To be heard above the din, leaders must communicate in a variety of situations with clarity and power. The individuals who possess these skills will have a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace. If you are looking for a session that will captivate your audiences’ attention and leave them informed, entertained and inspired, this is it!

  • Differentiate yourself by being candid, convincing and credible.
  • Speak confi dently in a variety of extemporaneous and diffi cult situations.
  • Persuade using interesting examples and stories to drive your point home.
  • Explain technical information in a simple and understandable way.

Presentation Skills

Presentations that Deliver® - Stepping Up to the Plate! (2 day workshop)

The real leaders are those who are willing to step up and speak out with clarity and candor! Is this you? If so, you will gain a great deal by attending this session. We will cover everything from getting clear on your message, to designing a formal talk, to expressing yourself with authenticity, to delivering powerful presentations with good mechanics. Each participant will be filmed using state of the art digital technology.
The great value of this process is that it provides a forum for participants to receive personalized feedback. You will learn to:

  • Deliver powerful and informative presentations using classic presentation techniques.
  • Gain and hold your audience’s attention by communicating a confi dent and powerful presence.
  • Quickly and easily design a persuasive presentation.
  • Create lasting memory with visual aids, charts, graphs and pictures.

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