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Speakers: Patrick Sweeney

Patrick's message is about identifying people who have the qualities to be top performers, developing their strengths, coaching them effectively and creating a new level of success.

What qualities are shared by all top performers? How can we identify those qualities in ourselves? Then tap into our true potential? And identify the hidden strength in others? These are some of the thought-provoking questions that Patrick Sweeney sheds light on during his inspiring presentations.

He shares compelling stories and intriguing insights that truly connect with people and inspire them to see new possibilities— for themselves and for those around them.

From consulting with leaders at Johnson & Johnson, Avis and some of the fastest growing companies around the world, Patrick's company Caliper has found the keys to unlocking potential in individuals, leaders and teams.

In this challenging business environment, Patrick's message is about identifying people who have the qualities to be top performers, developing their strengths, coaching them effectively and creating a new level of success.

Patrick Sweeney

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Patrick's Speeches Emphasize:

PEOPLE: Your competition can copy everything about your business—except your people.

INDIVIDUALITY: Find what makes each of us who we are and how to tap into our defining qualities.

OPTIMISM: Avoid pessimists. Surround yourself only with people who share your passion.

SUCCESS: It's different for each person. Define your own version of success.

Speaking and Seminars

Succeed on Your Own Terms:

Based on the New York Times Best Seller, "Succeed on Your Own Terms," which BusinessWeek said "contains great advice," Patrick has engaged audiences around the world with his inspiring presentation. The lessons and stories he shares are gleaned from interviews he conducted with people who have carved their own path to success. In this dynamic, motivating presentation, you will learn how to identify your defining qualities, develop you unique definition of success and truly love what you are doing. By encouraging you to think about success in an entirely different way and showing you how winners see themselves and their world, Patrick provides a road map to help you find your own success.

What Men Can Learn from Women Leaders:

Caliper's global study of top women leaders shows that by playing to their unique strengths in today's increasingly diverse and global economy, women are redefining leadership. This presentation identifies core qualities that distinguish outstanding women leaders—including their being more persuasive than their male counterparts, more collaborative in their approach to problem solving and decision making, and, interestingly, more willing to take risks. Male and female leaders will learn about each other – and consider how to improve their own style of leadership.

The Psychology of the Sports Champion
What It Can Mean for Your Business:

What do top performing athletes and successful leaders have in common? What separates them from those who give it their all, but never quite make the grade? What is it about the mental attitude of top performers that enables them to rise to the top? The answers to these questions matter more now than ever before, as we all compete in a game where the rules keep changing at lightning speed.

For decades, Caliper has used its personality test to understand exactly what makes a champion. This presentation gives participants a glimpse inside the mind of a winner—and how the lessons from professional athletes matter now, more than ever before, to your company's success. Patrick discusses four distinct traits that make a winner and this presentation explains how to find which ones best define you, so you can use it to your competitive advantage as we all move forward in these challenging times.

How Leaders Surround Themselves With Top Performers:

In this engaging, informative, inspiring presentation, you will learn how many of the world's best companies are identifying and developing the potential of applicants who are motivated to exceed expectations. You will also discover the four hiring mistakes that will prevent you from bringing the best people on board. And the three most common errors made when trying to develop someone's potential.

Coaching for Success:

Why do so many individuals who participate in a coaching program forget everything they've learned the next day? This enlightening presentation will explain why it happens and how to change the outcome. You'll find answers to the questions: Does anyone really change? How much time should you invest in improving poor performers? And, what truly distinguishes you from your competitors? Discover how to coach people to reach their true potential and help themselves and your company succeed.


"Patrick provided unrivaled insights at our international conference. He is a global authority on people management."
José Salibi, Co-Founder, HSM Group

"This presentation is ideal for anyone who wants to succeed at the top of their game."
Roger Staubach, the legendary quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys & founder of The Staubach Company

"Patrick elevated our thinking and raised our excitement levels around people and performance—which gave life to our new strategies."
Jerry Whalen, Vice President of Sales, United States Postal Service

"Patrick has a wealth of experience and wonderful talent for storytelling. He opened our conference with a strong, poignant, motivational message. He was truly exceptional."
Gerhard Gschwandtner, Publisher, Selling Power

"Patrick's presentation was superb— highly informative and very engaging."
Fariborz Ghadar, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Global Business Studies, Penn State University

"With his expertise, experience and sincerity, Patrick's speech was the most popular at our conference."
Carol Gong, Events Coordinator, China Economic Forum

"Patrick's outstanding presentation was informative, entertaining, and dynamic."
Lisa Paglaiccetti, Director of Programs and Events at the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce


As a New York Times best-selling author, an inspiring speaker and the president of an international management consulting firm, Patrick shows executives how to identify the potential of individuals and develop top performers.

He presented a keynote speech at HSM's annual conference in Brazil (where he, along with Michael Porter, Chris Anderson and Michael Eisner addressed more than 5,000 executives) as well as at the China Economic Forum, where he was hailed as "a global authority," "outstanding," and "the most popular speaker at our conference."

Along with Caliper's founder and chief executive officer Herb Greenberg, Ph.D., Patrick is the co-author of the New York Times Best Seller "Succeed on Your Own Terms," as well as "How to Hire & Develop Your Next Top Performer," both published by McGraw-Hill. For over five years, Patrick co-hosted the nationally-syndicated radio program Winning in Business, which featured such guests as Dunkin' Donuts founder Bill Rosenberg and business guru Marshall Goldsmith.

Headquartered in Princeton, with a dozen offices around the world. Caliper has, for nearly a half-century, consulted with executives on hiring, employee development, team building, executive coaching, succession planning and organizational performance.

From these experiences, he says, "One of the most important things I've learned is that the best ideas come from surrounding yourself with the right people. As leaders, we need to ask tough questions–of ourselves and from those who we decide to surround ourselves with. Now, more than ever, succeeding starts with making sure that we surround ourselves with people who are engaged, insightful, confident, optimistic, inspired by new ideas and committed to making things happen."

Prior to joining Caliper, Patrick was the speechwriter for New Jersey's Governor Brendan Byrne, the editor of a city magazine, and the author of feature articles for The New York Times.

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