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Speakers: Tyler Olson


Energy. Passion. Expertise.

Some stories Tyler may talk about:

  • The underappreciated value of having both strategic partners and equity partners in any business venture
  • How he sold his first $100,000 project before turning 21 by forming an alliance of partners
  • How he made $5,000 in one week selling cardboard boxes that he got for free from a strategic partnership
  • The challenges and opportunities from raising funding at the age of 23.

Tyler Olson

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Social Media | Entrepreneurial Frontiers

Travels from Minneapolis, MN

Speaking Topics Include

Internet Fraud

In the last year - Google, Facebook, Twitter, and even our own government institutions have all been hacked. Now more than ever, individuals and business owners need to know, understand, and fight against Internet Fraud by learning how to protect themselves. In this enlightening presentation by entrepreneur and online security expert, Tyler Olson, you will be shown how these attacks occur and what you need to know to feel secure against common forms of internet fraud such as:

  • Phishing attacks
  • E-mail spoofing
  • Banking / PayPal fraud
  • Unsecured wireless networks
  • Online data breaches
  • Viruses and Malware

Mainstream Technology

Google docs, skype, wikis, yammer, online meeting forums, LinkedIn, etc.
Do you frequently find that technology tools are making you LESS efficient instead of MORE efficient? Learn about the easiest and most useful communication tools available today. Discover the power of tools that are becoming increasingly central to the communication of organizations around the world. You will see tangible and practical examples and how they can benefit you and your team.

The Cloud

What is it? Why should we start using it? How can we start using it?
Find out what the cloud is, how it’s already a significant part of your life, and how you can leverage it to save you time and money. Examples of cloud-based services will be used to give you many new technology tools you will want to leave with and try out for yourself.

Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and Social Media.

You've been reading about it. You've been hearing about it everywhere. Everyone seems to be trying it out. You may have even been to seminar or another Meetup about it. SOCIAL MEDIA for your business. What you've learned so far seems pretty basic. You’re not sure you're doing everything you could be. You just want to figure out whether these services can help take your business to a new level. Stop trying to "figure it out" on your own. Small Business Connections and Tyler Olson have the answer.

Join Tyler Olson of SMC Pros for this next level Social Media workshop. Tyler has gained a considerable reputation in the Twin Cities and has quickly become the leading expert on how to use Social Media for your business. He was recently on the cover of New Business Minnesota and spoke in front of more than 600 people total at Startup Meetup as well as written numerous articles for PCWorld magazine on Social Media of business.
In this workshop you will learn more specifics on how to use these services to gain clients for your business.

  • How do Social Media tools work and how should we be using them? 
  • Which services will work best for my type of business? 
  • Are there specific strategies that work best for my industry? 
  • Can I do this on my own or will I need to hire someone? 
  • What other services can help me besides the "big 3"? 
  • Is there an efficient way to use all or most of these services? 

The Continuing Evolution of Social Media Integration within Marketing Campaigns

Over the past decade, interest in traditional marketing continues to plunge while digital media flourishes. Companies are incorporating social media into their marketing budgets at an accelerating rate. As the social media industry matures, results-driven marketing campaigns are frequently showing the highest returns from social. Because the returns are proving to be higher, companies are re-allocating funds towards social media, integrating it deeper into their marketing campaigns. A recent survey of Fortune 1,000 CMO's showed that the marketing budget allocation increased from 6% to nearly 12% over the last year and they expect it to reach greater than 17% within a few years. However, many are not seeing similar results. Find out why and learn from their mistakes to markedly distinguish you and your campaigns from others.

Youth & Entrepreneurship: Why wait?

Tyler Olson has started seven businesses. He is 25 years old. Yes, you read that right, 25. As a natural entrepreneur, he has been making money off his business ventures since the age of 12. In 2007, Tyler became internationally recognized as one of the top 24 student entrepreneurs in the world from the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) competition. In the 4 years since, he has sold one business and raised two rounds of funding for his current venture, SMCpros, which is one of the fastest growing social media agencies in the Midwest.

If you have always wanted to start your own business but were never able to kick your habits to start your entrepreneurial dream, Tyler’s dynamic approach to ntrepreneurship will leave you inspired to finally make it happen.

As one of the most experienced entrepreneurs you will find in his age bracket, Tyler’s youthful energy, drive, positivity, and knowledge will make you come away motivated with your specific action plan identifying the steps you will need to take to get going.


Tyler's experience and testimonials tell it all:

75+ speaking engagements in the past 12 months in front of over 10,000 people

Tyler's presentation today was clear, articulate, engaging, and interactive.  I walked away with a much better understanding of social media overall and how it could be accessed to further the mission and goals of my organization. The content was relevant professionally and personally, and I would highly recommend him to any organization who wants to capitalize on the social media movement.
Sara Michel, MSW, LSW, Director of Resident Services  Ebenezer Managed Senior Cooperative Housing

Professional business aside, you are adorable

Greetings Tyler, Just wanted to let you know that the attendees rated your session in Ft. Worth a 4.93 out of 5.0. Nice work! Highest rating I have ever seen. Thank you.
Kara Malmgren Midwest ENERGY Association

"Tyler in my eyes is the next Bill Gates... he is on fire"
Amy Westerlund, Minneapolis TV Show Host

"Tyler's ability to connect with the entire audience – from the absolute beginner to the savvy marketing veteran – is uncanny"
Jerome Harrison, Minnesota High-Tech Association

"We found Tyler to have the latest information (with facts and statistics to back it up) on how social media can increase business exposure"
Sue Ford, South Dakota Sales and Marketing Association

First-hand case studies include:

  • AT&T
  • Famous Dave's
  • Several Fortune 500 companies


What many don’t know about Tyler -  SMCpros is his seventh successful business. As a natural entrepreneur, he’s been making money off his business ventures since the age of 12. In 2007, Tyler became internationally recognized as one of the top 25 student entrepreneurs in the world from the Global Student Entrepreneur Award (GSEA) Competition. In the 3 years since, he has sold one business and raised two rounds of funding for his current venture, SMCpros, which is one of the fastest growing social media agencies in the Midwest. 

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