"I have known Devie for many years in the meetings & events industry. She is a dear friend & mentor. Her recent move into managing speakers has put her in a sweet spot. When I ask for recommendations from her portfolio, she does her homework every time. She respects the process and time of those she works with & mixes in fun in the midst."
Sean Schuette, Director of Meetings at IntrinXec

"Devie, I am so glad we finally had the opportunity work together. You are such a delight to work with and you made my life easier since I did not worry about the keynote presentation at all—besides making me look good by selecting Carr as the keynote. Thank you again for everything Devie, I look forward to working with you again soon."
Cheryl A. Smith, Director of Education, Care Providers of Minnesota

"Last year I worked on a project for an international company. When the client requested talent, my first call was to Devie Hagen. From beginning to end, Devie made sure everything went well. She is one of the most conscientious, dedicated, and customer service oriented people I have ever met. She is ethical, trust worthy and has a calming presence. Don’t miss the chance to experience working with her – it’s a great pleasure!"
Dianna Fuller, Regional Manager, HelmsBriscoe

"I have had the pleasure to work alongside Devie Hagen as a co-worker as well as a fellow committee member of a professional industry association and firsthand I know and trust Devie will successfully complete a task with enthusiastic professionalism that holds no bar!"
Brooke L. Stoeckel, Visit Minneapolis North

"I worked with Devie on a MPI team. Her ideas were wonderfully creative. She always accomplished her responsibilities. Best of all, she is one of the most welcoming and inclusive people I have met."
Julie Allen, President, Catalyst for Sustainable Change

"Devie Hagen is an exceptional sales professional. She is top notch at building and maintaining client relationships, and is outstanding at consultative sales. Her approach is professional, insightful and customer focused."
Susan Stoen, Principal, CQ Communications

"Devie's ability to network and bring people together is a great asset which she brings to any organization. Her positive, outgoing personality and warm communication style make it easy to do business with her. She brings out the strengths in others and focuses on the positive in her interactions with clients and co-workers."
Bunny Homa, Business Development Manager, Oak Ridge, a Dolce Conference Hotel

"My partners and I are speakers and trainers, and have worked with Devie both when she was with the Wendi Moore Agency and now that she's independent with Élan. Devie is a joy to work with, clearly with her mind always on the game, eternally looking for ways to offer help and implement her relationships to find opportunities for clients. I highly recommend working with her."
Pete Machalek

"Devie is truly an industry leader. Her professionalism and integrity shine in everything she touches. Plus, she's just plain fun to work with!"
Ann Turner, Minnesota Meetings+Events magazine

"In the brief time I've worked with Devie, I have come to value her hard work, valuable insights, and professional guidance. Every day she provides me with a course of action which has proven extremely fruitful; I feel like I'm going in the right direction since I started partnering with her. I highly recommend Devie."
Gordon Boudreau, Professional Speaker

"I first met Devie at a local IAAP meeting and I am so glad I did. She is such a delight to work with and is very helpful and generous. Shortly after we met I was in need of a speaker for a meeting and I thought of Devie right away. She came into my office and presented her agency’s portfolio to me and a few of my colleagues and we were very interested in booking one of her talented speakers. She worked within our budget and we booked Carr Hagerman and everyone loved him. I will be recommending Devie to everyone I know."
Kim Fette, Boston Scientific - Medical Education Dept Admin

"As a meeting planner, I have worked with Devie on more than one occasion. The most recent was for a client who wanted a unique entertainer.  Devie was able to suggest the perfect person for their event.  She makes the experience feel like a partnership. I enthusiastically recommend her services and will continue to call on her talent."
Annette Marquez, President, The Perfect Occasion

“Devie was a great Sales Director! I appreciated her honesty and upbeat personality and thoroughly enjoyed working with her. Devie has an outstanding sales background and incredible ability to network. She is a great mentor to those who work for her and I would highly recommend her!”
Naomi Jobes, Director of Human Resources, Dolce Hotels & Resorts

“There are only two words that truly describe Devie Hagen - leader and motivating! I have worked with Devie on both business and MPI related projects and she is an outstanding partner. She is works very hard on not only her own projects but goes out of her way to help others whether new to the business or an industry veteran. I would recommend anyone work with Devie in any capacity. She is a highly respected, top notch lady.”
Donna Foppoli Patrick, CMP, CMM, Manager - Group Travel, Meetings & Events

“What can I say about Devie other than she is the most pleasant and wonderful woman to know and work with. Devie will go to bat for her clients while maintaining her integrity towards her company. She puts forth so much effort to make everyone around her look good and she does it with a consistent smile on her face. I have known Devie for many years through the MN Chapter of MPI (Meeting Professionals International) and I have also worked with Devie when she was at Madden's Resort. She is magnetic, energetic and can put a smile on anyone's face. Now that Devie as started Elan Speakers I would not hesitate to send my clietns to her because i know that she will take the very best of care with them. If you have not had the chance to meet or work with Devie, I say, 'What are you waiting for?'”
Jaimie Mattes, President, Meeting Professionals International - MN Chapter

“I have had the sincere pleasure of working with Devie over the past several years. What is amazing about her is her industry knowledge, her connections and her passion. She is totally committed to great outcomes for everyone she does business with. Devie sets the standard in passion, service and commitment!”
Mark Lynch, Senior Director of Sales & Marketing, Visit Minneapolis North

“I hired Devie a few years ago to represent me in the professional speaking industry. Devie is highly professional, well-connected, diligent and inspirational. In addition, she takes the time to really understand her clients as well as the people she represents. As a result, her agency, Elan Speakers, is quickly becoming one of the most successful in the industry.”
Michael Foley, Principal, Clarity Central

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